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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

Oct 16Quickbooks Online Beginners
Oct 16Cold Forged Metal Pendant or Cuff Bracelet
Oct 16Stained Glass Series! Beginners
Oct 17Microsoft Excel 101
Oct 18Essential Oils - Cold & Sick Season
Oct 18Stained Glass - 2017 Beveled Snowflake
Oct 18Tiny Tasters - Sweet & Decadent Desserts!
Oct 19Domed Hammered Artisan Earrings - Ladies Night Out!
Oct 19Woodworking - Traditional Pine Six Board Chest
Oct 19You & Me Basic Braiding!
Oct 20Hammered Message Ring Necklaces or Leather Bracelets
Oct 20Acupressure & Reflexology for Couples
Oct 20Surviving the Amazing Race! Downtown Sioux Falls!
Oct 20Stained Glass Series! Beginners
Oct 22Art of the Sword - Kendo & Kumdo/Kumbub
Oct 22Fencing! Art of the Sword - Youth Kumdo
Oct 22Introduction to Hapkido
Oct 22Solder Metal Jewelry - Etched Clasp Bracelet
Oct 22Confidently Crochet! Beginner I Scarf or Hat
Oct 23Discover the South Pacific! Australia & New Zealand - Collette Travel
Oct 23Ukulele Bootcamp! Beginners
Oct 23Banjo Bootcamp! Beginners
Oct 23Volaré - To Fly! Introduction to Drones
Oct 23Airbnb Curiosity!
Oct 23Rejuvenate Your Retirement!
Oct 23Discover Scuba Diving!
Oct 24Yoga
Oct 25Sew On & Sew Forth! Sewing Machine Lab
Oct 25Tibetan Singing Bowls - Myth & Magic!
Oct 25Fused Glass Art - The Eclectic Evergreen!
Oct 25Empowerment! Dealing with Difficult People
Oct 25Introduction to Judo
Oct 25Stained Glass Series! Intermediate
Oct 25DSLR Photography - Off Auto-Pilot
Oct 25Stained Glass - Trio of Trees!
Oct 26Leather & Feather Earrings
Oct 26You & Me Basic Braiding!
Oct 27Beaded Netting Ornaments
Oct 27Mindfulness Practice - Slow Down, Gain More!
Oct 27Meditation Medley - Different Paths to Peace!
Oct 27Surviving the Amazing Race! Downtown Sioux Falls
Oct 29Excel Accelerated! 101, 102 & 103
Oct 29Stained Glass - 2016 Beveled Snowflake
Oct 29Self Defense 101 - Introductory
Oct 29Driver's Education - Fall 2018- ROOSEVELT HS
Oct 307 Habits of Highly Effective Older Adults
Oct 30Positive Aging Series
Oct 30Stained Glass - 2018 Beveled Snowflake
Oct 30Sewing - Designer Crafter's Apron
Oct 30Sewing - Governess Apron
Oct 31Rejuvenate Your Retirement!
Nov 1Empowerment! Stop the Worry
Nov 1Fit Body - The Bootcamp Way!
Nov 1Fit Body Forever! Age 55+
Nov 1No Limits! Martial Arts - Adult
Nov 1Gold Card Computer Science Immersion & Epic Builds @ Lowell Elementary
Nov 1Confidently Crochet! Beginner I Scarf or Hat
Nov 2Mala Style Stone Bracelet - Ladies Night Out!
Nov 2Big Band Dance! V-Day Waltz
Nov 2Majestic Mountains! Chinese Watercolor
Nov 3Sew On & Sew FUN! Youth Sewing Camp
Nov 3Creative Branding Strategies
Nov 3Floating Style Necklace & Earrings
Nov 3Stained Glass! Light Up Your World - Tiffany Style Lamp Shade
Nov 4No Limits! Martial Arts - Women
Nov 5Rags to Rugs! Crochet Rug Making
Nov 5DDP Yoga
Nov 5¡Bienvenidos! Spanish for Beginners Level II
Nov 5Stained Glass Series! Beginners
Nov 5Stained Glass - Arrow & Feather
Nov 5Watercolor Wash Talk!
Nov 6The Power of Positive Aging
Nov 6¡Bienvenidos! Beginner Spanish Level I
Nov 6Kindergarten to College! College Savings Planning
Nov 6Stained Glass - Angels by the Pair!
Nov 6Melted Metal Jewelry - Headpin Textured Cuff Bracelet
Nov 7Woodworking - Mission or Shaker Sofa or Hall Table
Nov 7Personalize Your World! Paint Pen Art
Nov 8Immerse Yourself in American Sign Language - Intermediate
Nov 8Health of the Coop! Basic Chicken Medicine
Nov 8Junior Printmaking - Relief Printing!
Nov 9Screen Printing - Heirloom Towels
Nov 10Leather & Bead Ladder Wrap Bracelet
Nov 10DDP Yoga
Nov 10Woodworking Techniques - Routers
Nov 10The Wonderful World of Birds!
Nov 10Glass Blowing! Christmas Ornaments
Nov 12Stained Glass - Fleece-Scarved Snowmen!
Nov 12IMPRESSive-ism Art! "Wheat Field Under Clouded Sky"
Nov 13Of Russian Origin...Borsch Beet Soup!
Nov 13French for Beginners
Nov 13Choices & Changes! Aging Life Plan
Nov 13Cold Forged Metal Pendant or Cuff Bracelet
Nov 13Stained Glass - Trio of Trees!
Nov 13Discover Scuba Diving!
Nov 13Solder Metal Jewelry - Aluminum Bracelet
Nov 14Spirit of Miniaturisation! Petite Oil Painting
Nov 14Glass Blowing! Christmas Ornaments
Nov 15Tibetan Singing Bowls - Myth & Magic!
Nov 15Self Defense 102 "Red Man" Intermediate
Nov 15Tai Chi Refresher
Nov 15Essential Oils Basics - Natural Solutions
Nov 15Fused Glass Art - Serene Snowflakes!